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Apostille (in French Apostille) — the international standardized data form filling for data on legality of the document for presentation in the territory of the countries recognizing such form of legalization. The stamp "Apostille" placed only on originals of the state sample documents.
The apostille doesn't demand other assurance or legalization of the document and admits official bodies of all State Parties of the Convention. The apostille may not be used if there are legal grounds canceling or simplifying legalization of the document.

According to the Hague convention of 1961, the apostille has a square form with the side not less than 9 cm and should correspond to the sample attached to the Convention.Standard apostille in Russian

The text of an apostille should to contain the following requisites:

  •     Name of the state, issued an apostille
  •     Surname of the person who signed the document certified by an apostille
  •     Position of the person who signed the document certified by an apostille
  •     The name of establishment which seal/stamp fastened the document certified by an apostille
  •     Name of the city in which the apostille is applied
  •     Date of apply an apostille
  •     Name of the body which applied an apostille
  •     Number of an apostille
  •     Seal/stamp of the establishment which applied an apostille
  •     The signature of the official who applied an apostille

The apostille can be made as on one of official languages of the Convention (French or English), and in national language of the state which applied an apostille. In practice, inscription on an apostille are often duplicated in two languages (one of languages of the Convention and national).

The heading "Apostille (Convention de la Haye du 5 octobre 1961)" must be given in French.

According to the Convention, the apostille is applied to the document or to single sheet, fastened to the document.

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